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Get Windshield, Headlight and Minor Body Repairs in Fresno

If your vehicle needs some minor auto body repair, we can help at Lithia Subaru of Fresno. We have an in-house service technician who specializes in helping get some of the minor needs fixed and have you on your way. To get started, make an appointment with us!

Windshield Repair Options in Fresno

Sometimes, our windshield gets a very minor nick or crack in it, or it could get a larger crack that needs attention. With the minor ones, oftentimes, a filling can be applied to chipped windshields, while bigger cracks require a full replacement. We're able to specialize in that and make sure you get the right-sized replacement for your vehicle be it a Subaru or any other brand. We can perform this service here at the dealership and it doesn't take long especially if you can make an appointment.

Headlight Restoration for Fresno

Are your headlights not shining as bright and it's not the bulb? Seeing a lot of oxidation on your headlights? We can also restore that back to a much better state. It's an important service to consider because driving at night you not only want to see what's in front of you but you also for other drivers to see you on the road at night. These repairs can also be scheduled for any make and model, and we can make sure to have you in and out conveniently.

Minor Auto Body Repair for Fresno

Additionally, we can help you repair minor dings and dents to your vehicle so that it is able to go back to its original state and look better. Again, we can do this for all vehicles and tend to little scratches and nicks your vehicle gets along the way.

Come Learn More About Our Auto Repair Center

Here at Lithia Subaru of Fresno, we'd be happy to provide you with more information and help you with all your auto repair needs including minor body repairs. To learn more get in touch today!