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OPTION 1: PRINT YOUR ORDER Come to our dealership to inspect, test-drive, and finalize in person before buying.

OPTION 2: RESERVE Complete your purchase order, then use a refundable deposit to reserve your vehicle at the dealership to lock in the deal.
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BONUS: We offer the option to have your vehicle delivered to your home or work.  


I Made a vehicle reservation and I wanted to know for long is my reservation valid?

Reservations are valid up to 48 Hours

Hi, this is my first Subaru. I wanted to know more about models and gas consumption.

Not a problem. We have a research page that will help you choose the right vehicle for you. Here is the link to that page.

I'm not looking to purchase a car. I just want to sell my vehicle.

We will ask a few just questions regarding your vehicle to make sure you get the best offer. Click the link to get started or contact one of our specialists by calling (559)-438-6200