States of Charge in Your Car's Battery

Performing car battery tests is vital in ensuring the health of your vehicle. Knowing what to watch out for during the tests can help you plan ahead for your car's needs as problems appear.

Paying attention to the state of your vehicle's voltage can be one of the best ways to see if there is a problem that needs to be addressed in the car. 

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Tailgating Party Tips

Bringing fans together before or after a big game is a great way to socialize and enjoy good food. Lithia Subaru of Fresno is happy to offer these tips to keep your tailgating party running smoothly.

Make sure your truck is loaded with the heavies things toward the middle and everything is tied down properly before you leave for the event. Take jumper cables, a makeshift cleaning station and plastic bins for dirty items, so you can pack up quickly.

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Hatchbacks Have Distinctive Advantages

When it comes to whether you may purchase a sedan or a hatchback, the decision may come down to a matter of perception. However, perceptions can often be based on misconceptions instead of fact, and many shoppers just feel that a hatchback is not right for them. The fact is, there are many solid reasons that you may want to consider for getting a hatchback.

A hatchback offers much more cargo space than a sedan with a trunk. 

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Tire Markings Explained

All of the markings on the sidewall of a tire might seem confusing. However, many simply apply to the size of the tire. The first letter designates whether the tire is for a passenger car, “P,” a light truck “LT” or another type of vehicle. The number that follows the letter is the width of the tire measured in millimeters. The next number represents the sidewall height. 

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Suspension Service and When You Might Need It

A suspension is something on a vehicle that is often overlooked when it comes to routine inspection or maintenance. If you didn't have your suspension you would absolutely notice it though. Your suspension helps buffer those bumps you go over and if there is an issue going on with your vehicle you will notice it in a number of ways. This can include:

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Mufflers & Exhaust Problems: What to Look For

Have you noticed a new noise coming from your exhaust? Does it seem noisier? You could be dealing with muffler and exhaust damage.

Mufflers get damaged for all sorts of reasons. You could also have an older vehicle that has a failing muffler. When your exhaust system starts to fail, you may not get the right fuel efficiency. However, there are more serious issues associated with muffler problems.

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What You Should Know About Spare Tires

It is always so inconvenient to be on the road only to hit a bump or run over some sort of debris and next thing you know you have a flat tire. Don't worry, the vehicle you bought from us here at Lithia Subaru of Fresno has a spare tire right on the vehicle with you. You can simply pull over and swap the tire out and be on your way. What type of spare tire does your vehicle have though? 

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Motor Oil Myths

Have you ever heard some advice regarding having your oil changed? Chances are you have heard conflicting stories over the years and are not really sure what you are supposed to do when it comes to this routine maintenance. Our service center here at Lithia Subaru of Fresno want to make sure that you know the facts so let's run down some of the most common, and untrue myths about motor oil:

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