Most car buyers start their shopping experience online, but what happens when you are ready to test drive? Do you just jump in or do you take a look around? Most experts say that you should get to know the vehicle first by learning about its driver and accident history, checking out the tires, looking at the engine, and assessing the overall condition of the vehicle firsthand.

You should do your homework on the car before you go to the test drive. What features are included with your standard model, and what’s the MSRP? In addition, you should pick a day that is just for test driving and drive several different cars that match your needs.

One of the best questions to ask yourself is whether you are comfortable with everything inside and outside of the car. Does it feel good to drive? Do you like how it handles? How convenient is it to connect to your phone for entertainment and navigation? You can take a convenient test drive when you stop by Lithia Subaru of Fresno located in Fresno, CA.

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