Headlights allow you to remove time limitations on your driving. Instead of only driving during the day when the weather is sunny in Fresno, CA, you can drive safely just about any time. Unfortunately, headlights that aren't well-maintained can lead to a false sense of confidence that can cause unsafe nighttime driving conditions. We at Lithia Subaru of Fresno offer these basic tips to help you take care of your headlights.

First, be sure to test your headlights from time to time. While a burned-out headlight is easier to spot than a burned-out taillight, it can still be difficult to spot if you're not paying attention. Point your running vehicle toward a flat wall to ensure both headlights are working properly.

Second, make sure to utilize the proper replacement bulbs for your vehicle. There are a wide variety of similar replacement bulbs available, meaning you need to select the correct model number to ensure the correct size, voltage, and other specs. Look online or ask a vehicle service expert to ensure you purchase the correct parts.

If you have questions about headlight replacement bulbs or maintaining your headlights in general, contact our service department today.

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