We at Lithia Subaru of Fresno believe that all of our customers in Fresno, CA should be as well educated as possible regarding their vehicle's features as well maintenance needs. The wiper blade is a basic, highly used, and essential piece of equipment that requires periodic maintenance. Here is how to know when to replace it.

Your wiper blades have a simple job. It is to help maintain clear visibility in the front windshield. Over time, their effectiveness will decrease. This is due to friction with the glass when they are used. The sun and oxidation of the rubber also take their toll on wiper blades.

Signs of worn-out blades include streaks left behind after they are used, skipping and chattering. If you spot such signs, then the wiper blades are worn out and need replacement. New blades can be easily installed on your own and are readily available for purchase at automotive stores.

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