How to Prevent Rodents from Messing Up Your Vehicle

Have you noticed an issue with your vehicle because a rodent got to it? If so, bring the vehicle to Lithia Subaru of Fresno to have that issue handled. There is a chance that your repairs will be covered by insurance. If you would like to keep rodents from messing with your vehicle in the future, we want to help you with that with the following tips.

Did you know that opening the hood of your vehicle can actually discourage rodents from messing with the vehicle? Rodents are looking for a comfortable place to live and having the hood open will make your car's front less-than-comfortable.

You should do all that you can to make your vehicle an uncomfortable environment for rodents. You can spray certain scents under the hood of your vehicle to keep rodents away. You might consider something with peppermint oil in it, as this is something that rodents do not like.

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