What Does Brake Fluid Do?

You have probably heard of brake fluid, which can also be called hydraulic fluid. It is a vital component of your vehicle's braking system that lies within the brake lines. When your vehicle doesn't have brake fluid, you won't be able to stop the vehicle when you press your foot on the brake pedal. Read further to learn more about brake fluid.

Brake fluid is manufactured with a silicone-base or a glycol-base. Most vehicles with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) will need a glycol-based brake fluid. Vehicles that don't have ABS technology will more than likely need a silicone-based brake fluid. The best way to find out how often your vehicle's brake fluid needs to be changed is to reference your owner's manual, or you can speak with one of our friendly service technicians who can let you know when it should be changed.

If you have any questions about your vehicle's brake fluid, or if you need to have it changed, schedule an appointment at our service center at Lithia Subaru of Fresno in Fresno, CA.

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