Traveling in Cars with Pets

Pets bring a great deal of happiness and joy to life. Often, they are considered part of the family. Many people want to take their pet with them on vacation. This isn't a problem if proper steps are taken to ensure a safe experience.

Before taking a long car trip with your pet, get the pet accustomed to riding in the car. This is done by taking short trips and then building up from there. Before leaving on a trip, make sure that the pet has a safe place within the vehicle. For dogs, they can be in a crate or restrained by a seat harness. Cats should be in their carriers. Make sure to stop frequently to let pets stretch and have a bathroom break.

When traveling with pets, you will want a vehicle with plenty of room. Come to Lithia Subaru of Fresno in Fresno, CA and drive a pet-friendly vehicle today.

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