Pay Attention to Your Tire Tread and Pressure

One of the best ways to keep you safe on the road is ensuring your tire tread and pressure are in good condition. These two factors could mean the difference between being in control of your car or not as you navigate the Fresno, CA region.

The quickest way of ensuring that your tire pressure is at the recommended levels is by using a tire pressure gauge that is readily available in our dealership service center. Remember, incorrect tire pressure means could mean the tire pressure will not be evenly distributed across the tire, which eats up on the tire tread and that could lead to buying new wheels.

Incorrect tire pressure could mean a soft tire that would result in an increased rolling resistance, thereby making your car even harder to move. As a result, you would expect your fuel use will go up. Visit Lithia Subaru of Fresno and we’ll make sure your tire pressure is in good condition.

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