How to Easily Make Your Own Roadside Emergency Safety Kit

Follow these steps to make your own roadside emergency safety kit.

  • Keep a small box in the vehicle that has plenty of different tools that could be used to make minor repairs. Things like pliers, screwdriver, hammer, wrenches, and scissors, all can be handy.
  • A roll of duct tape can make a bunch of small roadside repairs from patching a hole in a radiator hose the fixing a damaged tail light.
  • Jumper cables are important to have in your vehicle in case your vehicle is in need of a jump when the battery dies.
  • Flashlights are the key to flagging down help in the night or for making repairs to your car when it is too dark to see. Always keep plenty of spare batteries in the kit in case it's a long night.

This helpful guide to building your own roadside safety kit was brought to you by the crew at Lithia Subaru of Fresno.

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