Mufflers & Exhaust Problems: What to Look For

Have you noticed a new noise coming from your exhaust? Does it seem noisier? You could be dealing with muffler and exhaust damage.

Mufflers get damaged for all sorts of reasons. You could also have an older vehicle that has a failing muffler. When your exhaust system starts to fail, you may not get the right fuel efficiency. However, there are more serious issues associated with muffler problems.

For example, carbon monoxide may leak into the cabin from a failing, damaged muffler. If you notice extra loud noises and vibrations from your muffler, then you could be dealing with a problematic exhaust system. For car drivers in the north, it could have been salt on icy roads over the years that caused holes in your exhaust. You may also have bumped the muffler or caused damage through a car modification.

For any of these reasons, you should stop by the service center at Lithia Subaru of Fresno located in Fresno, CA for more information and get help from a professional mechanic.

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