Coolant Protects your Car During Warm Weather Months

If your vehicle overheats, serious problems can occur. That is why we here at Lithia Subaru of Fresno want to be sure that you understand the importance of coolant in your vehicle.

Coolant usually lasts for many years in most cars but when it is time to be changed, it needs to be done quickly and preferably by trained professionals. Coolant is a fluid that runs through tubes around your engine and keeps it from overheating by absorbing extra heat and then expelling it through the radiator of your car. If it weren't for the coolant in cars, most vehicles would overheat in the summer months, greatly lowering their condition and ability to run.

If you have any additional questions about how coolant works in your vehicle or would like to schedule an appointment to have us check all of your fluid levels, feel free to give us a call or stop Lithia Subaru of Fresno today.

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